Customized Corrugated Fiberboard Packages

We manufacture corrugated fiberboard packages according to the needs and requirements of each customer, using different gauges required for the protection of the product to be packed, as well as different coatings and designs.

Customized Corrugated Fiberboard Packages

• Printed or Unprinted Boxes: We offer both the design and the graphic of the box, based on the texts indicated by the customer and his logo. There are also three inks available for printing. The customized corrugated fiberboard packages are used in several industries, including the White Goods industry, which is one of the main sectors that use these products.

• Die-cut boxes: We design and manufacure dies according to customer's needs. Our customized corrugated fiberboard packages are used in all industries such as electronics.

• Dividers: We manufacture the parts according to the characteristics of the products to be packed to provide better protection. Such dividers are used in different industries, for instance, the automotive and aerospace industry.

• PAD´S: The pads' design and measurement are calculated to obtain the necessary strength to protect the product to be packed. The transportation of parts manufactured in the automotive , electronic, and aerospace industry is largely protected by this type of customized package.

• Customized packages with antistatic and anti-abrasive coatings: There are used materials that provide the greatest protection for each product. They are mainly used for products from the electronics, aerospace and automotive industry.

• Customized Honeycomb Packages: These are used to provide greater protection to the product to be packed. We manufacture customized package designs that are mainly used to pack household items in the White Goods Industry.

Customized Corrugated Fiberboard Packages