Customized Plastic Packages

We design customized packages made of different plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, etc., according to the customer needs and based on the required resistance. We manufacture printed, unprinted, antistatic or anticorrosive packages with different gauges and colors.

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• Corrugated Plastic (Coroplast): : It is primarily used in the automotive industry. The corrugated plastic offers excellent protection and durability for the transportation parts.

• Honeycomb packages: These packages are used to pack parts that require greater resistance. They can provide a safe transportation, and are usually employed in the White Goods Industry.

• Containers: We sell collapsible plastic containers used in different industries as returnable packaging, which allows companies to have a significant cost reduction. The containers make the work easier for the assembly lines in the automotive industry.

• Boxes: They are used by customers that require greater durability and resistance to protect their products. They're required in industries such as electronics and aerospace.

• Dividers: The divisions made of plastic materials avoid the contact between each piece to be packed, giving protection to all of them. The plastic dividers have a greater durability and can be reusable. They are frequently used in the transportation of parts in the automotive and electronic industry.

• Dunnages: This package is designed for each item, it will provide adequate protection to the product. Different materials are used for its manufacture, they are required in the automotive and aerospace industry

• PAD´S: For packing pieces that require greater resistance and safe transportation. They are used in all industries such as automotive, aerospace and electronics.

• Display: We manufacture and design exhibitors according to the needs of each customer.

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